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Seed Library

Taking Seeds

No library card or check out is needed. Everyone is welcome to take and donate seeds.

  1. Pick out a packet of seeds. Please open one packet of seeds at a time so they don’t get mixed up and use a placeholder card to make filing them back easier.
  2. Take one blank envelope and label it with information from the seed packet.  
  3. Transfer the number of seeds you need from the packet to your envelope. To ensure everyone can share, please do not take more than you plan to use soon.  
  4. Carefully close the library seed packet and return it to the drawer. Return the placeholder to the front of the drawer.   
  5. Take your seeds home and plant them!  

Note: It’s fine to take the last seed in a bag. If this happens, please put the empty bag in the drawer marked “empties” (lowest drawer on the left of the cabinet).  

Donating Seeds

Thank you for donating!   

  1. If the seeds are purchased and in their original envelope, place them in the donation box. We accept seed packets that have been opened or used.  
  2. If the seeds are harvested or not in their original packet, fill out a donation form, available at the Seed Library or for download below. Include as much information as you can. Contact information will only be used if staff have questions; it will never be made public.  
  3. Please learn about seed saving and only donate seeds that you feel confident will breed true.  
  4. Make sure all seeds are thoroughly dry and clean of debris.   
  5. Put each variety in its own sealed container like an envelope or plastic sandwich bag.  
  6. Attach the completed donation form to your package of seeds and put them in the donation box on the table next to the catalog.