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Here are some titles we recommend. Find more books and other items in the library catalog under Gardening and Seeds and Seed Saving.

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Taste, Memory

In Taste, Memory author David Buchanan explores questions fundamental to the future of food and farming. How can we strike a balance between preserving the past, maintaining valuable agricultural and culinary traditions, and looking ahead to breed new plants? What place does a cantankerous old pear or too-delicate strawberry deserve in our gardens, farms, and markets? To what extent should growers value efficiency and uniformity over matters of taste, ecology, or regional identity?

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Deep-Rooted Wisdom

Presents traditional and time-honored methods for gardening, including holistic solutions to insects and weeds, building fertile soils, saving heirloom seeds, and using garden materials for trellises and sculptures.

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Seeds of Hope

The renowned naturalist best known for her work with chimpanzees provides a tour of the secret world of plants, discussing the important role that they play in sustaining life on Earth.

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Lentil Underground

A journalist and native of Montana tells the inspiring story of a group of colorful pioneers who successfully bucked the chemically based food chain and agribusiness by stubbornly banding together and growing organic lentils, a venture which has become a million-dollar enterprise.

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Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes

Learn how to incorporate multi-ethnic flavors in your everyday meals with this visually stunning cookbook that provides strategies for both weeknight cooking and special occasions, using local and seasonal foods.

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The Seed Underground

Over the past few generations, multinational corporations have seized the lion's share of the seed market, squeezing out small, regional, family-run companies and causing biodiversity to suffer. In recent years, gardeners have come to realize the inherent danger in this situation.

Seed saving is the first step on the road to reclaiming control of our harvest while expanding the available stock of heritage and heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables.