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Borrow a Book Group in a Box

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We offer Book Group in a Box kits to support local reading groups. Each kit is a sturdy plastic box containing at least 6 copies of the same book. We offer titles for adults, teens and kids

You can place a hold request for a particular kit or browse available kits at any of our locations. Check out up to two kits for a 60-day loan.

Please note: the cardholder who borrows the kit is responsible to return it on time and with all items included. Tell book group members to return their books to the person who borrowed the kit, to be returned all together inside the box (do not return items separately to the library). We recommend making sure all items are included when you borrow the kit, then checking again before returning it. 

Return your kit to a staff member at any service desk at the Downtown Library, Bethel Branch or Sheldon Branch. 

More support for book groups
We're happy to help find titles that are a good match for your group, as well as discussion guides and author information. We can also provide resources about how to start and coordinate a reading group.

Book group donations
If your book group purchases its own copies of books, and members do not want to keep them, we may be able to use them to create additional kits. We're happy to receive 6-10 copies of the same book, in good condition, donated at the same time. Please bring them to the Adult or Children's service desks at the Downtown Library. 

Reading guides and book group tips

Author information and reviews