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Science - Online Resources

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Tips for Searching the Catalog

Try using keywords that describe your topic, such as:

  • Genetic*
  • Influenza
  • Hurricanes
  • Reptiles
  • Solar energy

Limit by: Children's Nonfiction Books

See our Help With Assignments page for Biomes, Endangered Animals, Environment, and Rain Forests.

Browse Bookshelves

In the Library, look for the numbered shelves below.

J 507                Experiments

J 520 - 525        Astronomy

J 530 - 531        Physics

J 540                 Chemistry

J 551.5 - 551.7   Weather

J 581 - 586         Plants, trees

J 599                  Mammals

J 611 - 612         Human body

J 620 - 624         Engineering

Need more help? Ask your librarian.

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