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Summer 2020: A library card is needed to use online services. Through summer, online-use cards are free to all in Eugene, including if you live outside City limits. For assistance using these services or to get a library card, call us: 541-682-5450.


Printing Census Images


You may not be satisfied with the results of images printed from the census.

The size of the original census ledgers (probably about 11 X 17 inches or larger) has been squeezed down to a small image that you can only print on 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper.  You won't be able to see your person(s) without a magnifying glass!

The best way to preserve the image is to save it onto a computer or a flash drive. 

Saving Census Images from Ancestry and HeritageQuest

image of save button

To save an image from Ancestry or HeritageQuest:

  • Click the Save button on the open census image.
  • A box will appear asking if you want to send image home or save to computer.
  • Click Save to computer, at the bottom of the screen a box will appear; click on the little arrow, choose save as. Select the flash drive. (Later you can transfer the image from the flash drive to your own computer.)

Census Websites