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Early Literacy

Explore Pre-reading for 0-12 Months

Sing, talk, rock and read to your baby!

  • The sound of your voice, the melodies of songs you sing and your gentle secure touch make up the foundation of your baby's journey to the love of reading.

Fill your baby's day with words. Building predictable routines into your day enhances your baby's emotional development, which is the key factor in all other development.

  • Pick a song or lullaby to soothe your baby. Repetition is calming and helps build and strengthen brain connections. If you sing the same song to your child each night at bedtime or any time that calls for soothing, this song will become a moment of peace you can bring to your child throughout their lifetime.
  • Books are toys until your baby is old enough to know there is a story inside. Babies explore everything with their mouths, so let them mouth books. This is their way of experiencing books firsthand!

Baby Storytime

Library staff share short books, songs, rhymes and fingerplays in a 20 minute session. Followed by social time for babies, parents and caregivers! 

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