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Tax Assistance

Tax-Aide at the Downtown Library

Mondays and Tuesdays

Feb. 6 – April 18, 2017

Downtown Eugene Public Library

Come at 8:00 a.m. to sign up for same-day appointments. Appointments begin at 9:00 a.m.

  • People usually line up before sign-ups begin.
  • Once you get an appointment, you may leave and return at the appointed time.
  • Each appointment is budgeted for one hour.

Volunteers from the Association of American Retired Persons (AARP) provide free assistance with Federal and Oregon returns for seniors and low and middle income taxpayers. Service preference is given to seniors and disabled.

AARP volunteers cannot help with depreciation, rental income, or complex investment income.

Assistance in Spanish: AARP plans to provide an interpreter. To ensure correct filing, bring an interpreter if needed.

Bring with you:

Required by IRS to use this service:

  • Social Security card or ITIN and birth date for each household member
  • Government-issued photo identification for all taxpayers

Also bring:

Copies of 2015 federal and state tax returns

All your 2016 tax documents:

  • W-2s (wages)
  • 1095A. 1095B, 1095C (proof of medical coverage)
  • 1099SSA (Social Security statement)
  • 1099B (brokerage transactions)
  • 1099M (misc. income)
  • 1099R (retirement income)
  • 1099INT (interest income)
  • 1099DIV (dividends income)

All your tax-deductible expenses:

  • Self-employment expenses
  • Medical expenses (if itemizing)
  • County taxes paid in 2016
  • 1098I (tax-deductible interest paid)
  • 1098T (tuition expenses)
  • 1098E (student loan interest)
  • Charitable contributions (if itemizing)

Any correspondence with IRS or Oregon Dept. of Revenue

Other Tax Preparation Assistance