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Booklists and Reading for Kids

Tips for Helping Children Read

Setting the Scene

  • Help your child find a quiet, comfortable place to read.

  • Read yourself. Your child will see you as a model.

  • Read aloud to your child. Reread favorite stories.

  • Read with your child.

  • Talk about stories you read together.

  • Recognize the value of silent reading, too.

  • Keep reading time enjoyable and relaxed.


Responding to Mistakes

To help your child become an independent, self-correcting reader, try these ideas instead of saying "sound it out":

  • Wait 5 - 10 seconds. See what your child tries on his or her own.

  • "What would make sense here?"

  • "What do you think that word could be?"

  • "Let’s go back to the beginning and start again."

  • "Skip that word and read to the end of the sentence (or paragraph). Now what do you think it is?"

  • "Put in a word that would make sense there."

  • "You read that word before on another page. See if you can find it."

  • "Look at how that word begins. Start saying it out loud."

Most important: focus on what your child is doing well. Daily reading will help your child learn to read and love to read!