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Take Home a Telescope!


Check out a Telescope Kit

Each kit contains an Orion StarBlast 4.5 reflector telescope, instruction manual, planisphere, Moon map, and red light flashlight. 

Stargazing Tips

  • Find a dark place outside - the darker the space is around you, the better you’ll see the night sky. Find a spot where lights are not shining in your eyes. If you’re at your home, ask permission to turn off inside house lights and porch lights. If an inside light needs to stay on - close curtains and shades.

  • Night air brings cooler and wetter air - dress to stay warm and dry.

  • You can stand or sit stargazing but lying down works great – especially when stargazing with your naked-eye or using binoculars. Use a warm blanket or a lounge chair to lie on. 

  • You can often see beautiful sky objects popping out at dusk. As the sky darkens more, you’ll see more sky objects. The darker, the better!

  • It takes our eyes about 20 minutes to adjust to seeing in the dark. You’ll notice more stars in the sky as your eyes adjust to the darkness.

  • To move around outside or look at moon maps or sky charts, don’t use a normal flashlight that shines white. Use the flashlight that shines red. Red light does not mess up your night vision that you just waited 20 minutes for! Politely ask people around you not to shine light from cell phones.

  • The best way to begin stargazing is just by lying back and looking up. Let your eyes adjust and take your time looking all over the night sky. Wonders will appear!

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